Sunday, October 19, 2008

About The Program Room

"The Program Room" is a free biweekly audio magazine for librarians who do children's programing, available as a podcast through iTunes. Much of the 2008/2009 season will be focused on the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme, "Be Creative @ Your Library." But this resource has plenty to offer for any children's librarian or elementary or preschool teacher. You'll find it at

Each episode of The Program Room includes interviews with artists, performers, librarians, teachers, authors and other professionals who can help librarians create great programming for their youngest patrons. Library-related children's songs are included in every show, and reviews of books, music, websites and other resources are often included as well. Live conference calls and panel discussions are part of the show, too, so listeners can join in on the fun and ask questions of the experts! 

Currently available episodes of The Program Room are listed below. Each episode includes a show notes page, which provides links to all the resources mentioned in that episode. The Program Room episodes are 50 - 70 minutes long. They can be listened to online, or they are free to download, and can be burned to CD or easily transfered to an iPod or other MP3 player. 

To listen on this website, simply click the play arrow to the left of an episode title. To download, right-click (or control-click if you're a Mac person) the title, and select download from the pop-up menu. You can download episodes automatically as they become available by subscribing through iTunes.

A schedule of upcoming live events can be found in the right-hand column of the website at, or on our TalkShoe page.

The Program Room is financially supported by sponsors who are very carefully selected. Our sponsors offer quality products that are helpful to librarians in creating programing for children. We keep our sponsorships low-key because we never want you to feel that you're being bombarded with advertising! On the contrary, we want you to feel like thanking us for connecting you with these products and services. Our sponsors cannot purchase air-time within the show. If our sponsors are featured in the content of the show, it is because they have information to share that will benefit our listeners. If you benefit from listening to The Program Room, please thank our sponsors.

The Program Room Sponsors


The Program Room is produced and hosted by Monty Harper.

The Program Room Episode List

CSLP president, Sally Snyder, and this year's manual committee head, Julie Tomlianovich, talk about the scope of the 2009 theme and the contents of the upcoming manual. Includes the songs "Imagine That" and "Take Me to Your Library."

An artist, a librarian, and a teenage brother and sister team who make animated videos using Legos all give tips on producing music videos with children. Find out how to access "Video-Safe" music that you can use, including award-winning children's artists Bill Harley, Eric Herman, Gunnar Madsen, Marla Lewis, The Hipwaders, and many others. Includes samples of songs from all of the above artists.

Children's Librarian Sue Busch tells how she books 16 performers each summer, and a panel of performers discuss what librarians should keep in mind when calling to schedule a program. Includes the songs "On Halloween" and "Scarecrow A-Go-Go" from Mr. Billy's new Halloween CD, Big Pumpkin.

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