Friday, December 19, 2008

1.07: Throw a Dance Party for Kids at Your Library

Traditional music and dance experts Peter and Mary Alice Amidon discuss their approach to performing for kids, creativity, singing games, and advice on how to present a community dance event. P.E. teacher Kelly Worthy shares her experience putting on an elementary school dance party. Plus lots of sample clips from songs that include their own dance instructions.

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TPR 1.07: "Throw a Dance Party at Your Library"

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The Amidons

  1. Peter and Mary Alice Amidon Homepage
  2. Peter's List of Traditional Dance Resources (.pdf)
  3. Jump Jim Joe: Great Singing Games for Children
  4. Down in the Valley: More Great Singing Games for Children
  5. West Music Company

This episode is jam-packed with songs that are featured and/or mentioned in the interviews. Many of those songs are listed here, along with many many more. Consider these iTunes iMixes as a starting place for your own explorations. Both are filled with great useable dance music!

Note: If the links don't work, then you likely don't have iTunes installed. It's a free download. If you don't want to use iTunes, you can email me to request a text version of the list.

The Program Room Pop Dance Music iMix - These are songs kids probably know from popular media; many of them are connected to specific dances. Most of them work well with all ages - even teens. Do a quick YouTube search on any of these titles and you'll likely get to see these songs in action. This list includes songs recommended in the manual and songs recommended by Mrs. Worthy.

The Program Room Danceable Kid Songs iMix - These songs all included dance or movement instructions within the lyrics. These songs will appeal mostly to elementary age kids.

These lists are just the beginning - there's no shortage of great dance music out there for kids. Post a comment to let us know your favorites!

Dance Resources on the Internet

Country Dance and Song Society

The Dance Gypsy

Ballroom Dancers

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